Description Edit

Arissak is located upon the western edge of the Adislei Steppe

It's name comes from the Dwarvish words Ar and Issak, translating to Gold-Cold or Gold-Illness.

Information Edit

Size Medium
Type Town
Location Invukava
Region Adislei Steppe
Population ~ 5,000 citizens

~ 350 guards

Important Locations Edit

Residences Edit

  • Orphanage
  • Upper class home
  • Middle class home

Religious Edit

  • Library to religious study
  • Temple to Laikah, the first daughter of Sol
  • Hidden shrine to fiend or evil deity

Taverns Edit

  • Drunken Lamb - Quiet low key bar
  • Silver Goat - Quiet low key bar
  • Wandering Rose - Upper class dining club

Warehouses Edit

  • Bulk goods
  • Heavily guarded expensive goods
  • Empty / abandoned

Shops Edit

  • Mason
  • Undertaker
  • Jeweler

Important Citizens Edit

  • Father Stewart (Temple of Laikah)