Cadence, Female Half-Elf Edit

Level 2 Bard Max HP 20
Armour Class 13 Speed 30
STR 9 -1 DEX 14 +2
CON 14 +2 INT 13 +1
WIS 13 +1 CHA 20 +5

Appearance Edit

Female Half-Elf. Height: 5'6" (168 cm), Weight: 146lb (66 kg). Short blonde pixie cut style hair. Leather armor covered in clean common clothes. Light brown long pants with an off white button up shrouded in a hooded cloak trimmed with golden stitching. Notable visual features include a tight waist, while her index fingers are longer than her middle fingers.

We see a woman with a light elegant frame. Fair skin tone and medium short blonde hair flows past ears that feature pointed ends. A shirt made of intertwining metal chains is obscured by a green robe that features golden flourishes. Resting in her lap is a fretted stringed instrument designed to be played in the same position. She sits leaning forward with her elbows on the table.

Gear Edit

I carry a rapier and a of couple daggers, though I prefer to stay at range and use my spells when in combat

Story Edit

Elvish father and human mother, I'm travelling to the capitol to hopefully learn more about my fathers side of the family. I've studied astronomy as a sage.

Traits Edit

  • Languages: Common, Elvish, Sylvan
  • Logic: Emotions must not cloud our logical thinking
  • I work to preserve knowledge
  • I overlook obvious solutions in favor of complicated ones.

Repertoire Edit

Actions Edit

  • Rapier:
Simple Melee Weapon (Finesse): +4 to hit, 1d8 + 2 Pierce Damage

Bardic Inspiration Edit

  • 1d6

Spells Edit

  • Cantrips:
Vicious Mockery:
  • 1st Level (3 Slots):
Cure Wounds:
Dissonant Whispers: