Carrion Crawler Edit

Challenge 2 Max HP 78
Armour Class 13 Speed 30
STR 14 +2 DEX 13 +1
CON 16 +3 INT 1 -5
WIS 12 +1 CHA 5 -3

Description Edit

Huge maggot like monstrosity the can be up to 9 ft long.They have huge rounded eyes perfect for the low light conditions that they favour. They have many tentacles around protruding from their face that they use to damage and latch on to their prey, so that they can pull them selves in to feast on the flesh. These creatures follow the scent of death but prefer to not compete with others for their food. These creatures paralyze their enemies before dragging them to a high place where they can kill their prey in safety.

Story Edit

Our adventurers found one of these feasting on the remains of a goblin family in the Black Wood during Episode 10.