Keth, Kriv, Harold, Rickard, Thom, Cadence, Dritydor, Jovriest

The party rises early in Saeleyr, to have their breakfast interrupted by an elderly gnomish man Guigui, ranting about "you outsiders, worrying my family, draining our wells, ruining my wheel". The party delivered a staff (that Keth chiseled the end of, to be more of a spear) to the forgetful old man and suffered more of his ramblings. After some deciphering, the party understood that due to some "outsiders" the water had began drying up in the region. The party decided to investigate the source, the Frosk Well. Guigui 'gifted' the team a strange glowing ball of clay, similar to a yo-yo

They made it to the cave opening, and after careful investigation moved inside. Moving quietly with Keth in the lead taking advantage of his sensitive eyes, he spotted a woman, struggling with one of the local Dritydor. The party questioned her, to find that she and her companions where hunting these creatures to harvest their poison glands from their tails. She attempted to flee, but the ropes the party bound her with heavily restricted her movement, and she was caught easily. Kriv, after trying to extract more information from her, took to her execution. With her dying breath, she uttered a curse upon Kriv, "Jovriest, curse your blood".

The episode ends as the scene focuses on Kriv, as memories of a former life rush back to the surface.

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