Keth, Kriv, Harold, Rickard, Thom, Cadence, Wik, Dritydor, Jovriest, Frosk Well, Guigui

We begin with Kriv, staring blankly as faded memories try to recollect in his mind. He warns his friends "These people are not to be messed with, we must tread cautiously" and explains that he used to work with these people before they turned to Jovriest.

Keth leads the way deeper into the caverns, but in his cautiousness, fails to hear the movement of people ahead. Stepping around a corner, almost immediately Keth is struck with an arrow from ahead and chaos erupts. The group seems to out number the party, two to one. Keth rushes in enraged, Kriv is slower to react but quickly gets himself in the middle of the fight to help his friend. Unexpectedly, Thom pushes forward to attack one of them, landing a light hit on one of the bandits. The man retaliates and knocks Thom unconscious with a single blow. As Thom cries out in pain however, his body erupts as dark tentacle like arms lash out and flail at anything near by, dealing a significant blow to two of the bandits. The arms retract and Thom lies unconscious on the ground with a bleeding wound across his chest. Rickard rushes in and quickly stabilizes his son and joins the fight.

Moments into the battle, Kriv recognizes Wik, a former colleague thought to be responsible for the deaths of Kriv's family and the corruption of a once proud group of mercenaries. The spell caster deals some significant damage to Keth followed by a bolt of tethered lightning catching Kriv that is quickly disrupted as an arrow from Harold wounds Wik enough to make him lose his concentration on the tether. As spells are flying, axes and blades are swinging, Keth absorbing most of the damage in his rage, backed up by Kriv supported by a spell from Cadence as Rickard tries to interrupt the enemies with his shield and Harold provides suppressing fire.

Before being interrupted, the invaders where working on harvesting tails from the dritydor, and now that the beasts are free from their distracted captors, they retaliated attempting bites against the bandits. The sheep sized amphibious creatures managed to wound a few of the bandits, including two ending up devoured by the creatures.

As the bandit numbers began to dwindle, the battle began to shift in favor of our adventurers. Predicting his defeat, Wik used his innate magicks to surround himself in magical darkness and escape. This darkness left the remaining bandits and our party completely blind for a short while. A moment of fear crossed Rickards mind as he worried about the safety of his unconscious son. The darkness shortly dissipated and Thom remained safe. Our adventurers defeated the remaining bandits without the support of their leader and decided to recover before moving forward.

Thom lies unconscious but safe, and as Rickard tidies up the bindings on his sons wounds, Harold explains to the remainder of the group that "The boy has some innate power, comes from his mother. I don't know much about it, we're heading to the capital, to the university in Faelund where he can learn to control that power. Now isn't the time to go into detail, we'll talk about it later".

Thom regains consciousness and the group move forward through an obscured opening that Keth had found. The team get through a small body of water with their gear intact and find an entrance to the lower levels, along with its longer forgotten secrets. Keth deciphered some ancient dwarven hieroglyphs depicting the well as a place of worship to the 'well guardian' that would gift the dwarves water in exchange for protection. Unlike the upper level, beneath lay a great open cavern, that remained half filled with water expanding outward as far as their torches would allow. Keeping dry where they could, the party found some refuge on a raised stone island. From here they found something quite peculiar. Thousands of flying insects, swarming around a very particular point above the water. The light reflecting off of their tiny exoskeleton.

After watching for but a moment, the adventurers where approached by three huge yet curious dritydor. One approached Keth timidly before spitting up an equally curious blue gem like stone. The beast gave a low croak, leading the three into a score of croaks that echo throughout the open cavern. As their croaks began to resonate throughout, the water began to turn. Water began flowing up the stone walls and across the ceiling, toward that very particular point above the water. The flow crawled across the ceiling toward that point and began flowing downward, where the streak of water turned and began orbiting that point. The globe of water kept growing and growing as the well guardians continued to croak. Our adventurers fled before further risking their lives in the rising waters.

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