Monday 23 August 1574 Edit

The morning of Harolds funeral is quiet and somber. As the party lay the great archer to rest, Keth takes a moment to reflect on his past.

We see a montage of skirmishes between orc tribes, each bearing different symbols and colours clashing weapons against make shift armor of all kinds. Finally we see a pair of half orcs side by side, both wearing the blood red crossed axes of the Parashu tribe. We recognize one as a younger Keth, standing with his older brother Dramug who wields a great-axe as they approach their fathers tent to discuss an upcoming battle. The scene forward to the battle as the half brothers fight on different fronts and Dramug takes a critical blow across his torso. We flash forward again to see a beaten down Keth in a rage inside the chieftains tent, yelling relentlessly at his father, blaming him for the death of Dramug. The argument ends in a standstill and Keth picks up the weapon of his fallen brother and storms out.

We fade from Keths memory to another place and time.

A silent young boy with deep brown short fuzzy hair sits on a door step impatiently. As he sits poking at the dirt with a stick, the door behind him swings open to reveal the boys father nursing a newly born baby and introduces the boy to his little brother. The two boys a little older now, and the older brother is lobbing acorns toward the younger who is smashing them with a stick. One of the acorns goes flying back at the older brother, hitting him in the head. In a fury the older brother tackles the younger to the ground. A few years later to see the same two brothers walking through a field as the younger brother is tackled to the side by the older as a green snake strikes near their feet. The older brother kills the snake with a knife he wasn't supposed to have. The older brother now a man is standing in a chapel facing a woman in a white dress as the younger brother watches from a pew sitting next to their mother. Another year later we see the younger brother with deep brown medium fuzzy hair sitting silently on a doorstep. The door behind him opens to reveal the older brother nursing a newly born baby, and introduces the man to his nephew. A few years forward we see the older brother sitting on the edge of a seat in despair, holding two simple golden rings in his hand as the younger brother takes a seat next to him and silently places a bowl of soup in front of his grieving brother.

Tuesday 24 August 1574 Edit

The following morning Rickard struggles to tie his boots as his hands are shaking with his body still in shock. He heads to the ground floor of The Goodbarrel and approaches Wellby about getting Harold a plaque on the Monument of Heroes. Wellby agrees to a meeting with our adventurers and his business partner Thorne later that day.

Our adventurers spend some time with the blacksmith and Keth buys some new equipment including armor, shield and long sword. Kriv spends some coin on a light crossbow and bolts.

In the meeting with Thorne, the party are given the task to help out a friend of the alchemist to prove themselves as a part of the new adventurers guild being set up by Wellby and Thorne. Our adventurers visit Kraus and his friend Minyelle, who in trying to summon a familiar accidentally spawned a horrible arachnid like man that destroyed Minyelles lab. Kraus tells the team of a mushroom that when made into a simple oil should be able to disable the shifting mans plane jaunt ability. Minyelle offers to share the contents of a lockbox back at her lab if the adventurers can slay the creature.

With their task clear at hand the party head off to get a half days travel out of the way. As the sun begins to set the party spot three decrepit stone buildings a short ways north away from their route. With a chilly night ahead the team head toward the structures to get some shelter. As they approach they begin to see a bunch of weird disfigured humanoid like stone statues. A little cautious, the team avoid the statues but set up camp in the most intact of the buildings. During Krivs watch, the fire burns out suddenly. Considering his options Krivs hears an ominous creak and decides against moving outside to gather more wood, waking Keth to be ready in case of battle.

Wednesday 25 August 1574 Edit

The following morning the team pack up camp to begin moving forward. As they leave the structure they find a small pile of wood in front of their door and all but one of the statues have moved toward the center of the three buildings, facing toward the one the party slept with grins on their faces. As the team leave they turn back and see the unaccounted statue hanging on the side of the building peering in to where they where sleeping.

Later that day the party close on the edge of the forest they spot a band of four poaches celebrating a haul of six faerie dragons. Our adventurers ask for directions toward Minyelles lab and learn the bands greedy motivations behind their faerie dragon hunt. Kriv judges the group as greedy bandits who deserve a grim fate and lashes out at their leader. Keth takes a couple of dagger wounds that managed to penetrate his new armor, but the adventurers defeat the poachers with out huge effort.

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