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Invukava - Season One - Begin Tuesday 10th August 1574
Session Quest Start Date
1 Learn more about the troubles facing Cherry and her friends in the Adislei Steppe Tue 10/08/1574
2 Leave behind the Adislei Steppe and make it safely to the next town Wed 11/08/1574
3 Make use of the down time in Arissak. Find more about Father Stewart Thu 12/08/1574
4 Retrieve the stolen monument Thu 12/08/1574
5 Journey safely to Saeleyr Sat 14/08/1574
6 Learn more about the water troubles in Saeleyr, investigate the Frosk Well Wed 18/08/1574
7 Confront the intruders of the Frosk Well and find a way to bring the water flow back Wed 18/08/1574
8 Reach Wellington, safely travel toward Faelund and hopefully get ahead of Wik. Thu 19/08/1574
9 Do what it takes to immortalize Harold on the Monument of Heroes Tue 24/08/1574
10 Find Minyelles lab and defeat the shifting man causing havok Thu 26/08/1574
11 Track down Thom and learn the truth about his disappearance Sat 28/08/1574
12 Find where they have taken Thom Mon 30/08/1574
13 Clear out the guards in the compound where Thom is Mon 30/08/1574
14 Get Thom out safely Mon 30/08/1574
15 Scope out the remainder of the Jovriest compound Tue 31/08/1574
16 Investigate the final, top level of the Jovriest temple Tue 31/08/1574
Invukava - Season Two - Begin Wednesday 1st September 1574
Session Quest Start Date
17 Tie up some loose ends in Faelund Wed 01/09/1574
18 Take on a job, and move towards completing it Mon 06/09/1574
19 Find the Molar Mountain Tue 07/09/1574
20 Continue deeper into the Molar Mountain, learn more about what happened here Thu 09/09/1574
21 Figure out the mechanisms hiding secrets inside the Mountain. Defeat the Umberhulk Thu 09/09/1574
22 Overcome the mimic and... Fri 10/09/1574
23 Surpass the cyclops, and return the mirror to Akbar Cealvin Fri 10/09/1574
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