Estella, Female Halfling Lightfoot Edit

Level 1 Rogue Max HP 6
Armour Class 15 Speed 25
STR 8 -1 DEX 19 4
CON 7 -2 INT 8 -1
WIS 17 3 CHA 17 3

Appearance Edit

3' 0" , 40lb

My hair is a deep brown with is so like the trunks of trees and my skin is the colour of bronze from my many hours under the burning sun, though the one thing I always pay attention to when I gaze a myself from within the cool lakes or the glass of ruins is my eyes, I do so love how they gleam the colour of peridot, though my eyes are always shortly drawn to the scar that resides across the right side of my neck, such an ugly thing, I do so hate it, but I will not cover it, I will not shame my peoples sacrifice.

Gear Edit

I wear a simple set of travellers clothes and leather armour with my fathers dagger resting at my hip, a elegent shortsword stolen from a fool on my back with my bow and arrows, a backpack to store supplies, a large, poorly made cloak of tanned black bear hide keeps my items from easy view and a walking staff in my hand to assist with balance on rougher terrains.

Story Edit

We have not learnt much about Estella yet, only that she can be quite grumpy in the mornings and is a little stand offish.

Traits Edit

  • I feel far more comfortable around animals than people
  • Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it
  • Don't expect me to save those who can't save themselves. It is natures way that the strong survive and the weak perish