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Head west out of Saeleyr, follow the ravine upstream and you will run into a pool at the base of a rocky cliff face. Where the pool meets the cliff are many cracks and openings, some small and some large enough for a man to climb through. The largest of these openings leads into the source of the outer pool. Inside is tight and dark, a simple stone cavern leads to the perfect home for the local dritydor. Moving through the cavern you will find many of the smaller amphibious creatures, along with all kinds of insects that thrive in the dark wet environment. Your explorartion will be cut short however, as much of the well is filled with water. Historians tell of lower caverns that have since flooded. These lower caverns are said to be the resting place of the greater three headed dritydor of legend, said to summon water with its thunderous croak.

Recently, a group of miscreants invaded the well to harvest the poisonous properties of the dritydor. This has coincided with much of the well drying up, leaving the people of Saeleyr without water.

Keth, Kriv and team after confronting the invaders uncovered the lower levels in Episode 7, along with its longer forgotten secrets. Ancient dwarven hieroglyphs depict the well as a place of worship to the 'well guardian' that would gift them water in exchange for protection. Unlike the upper level, beneath lay a great open cavern, that remained half filled with water expanding outward as far as their torches would allow. From a small raised stone island you will find something quite peculiar. Thousands of flying insects, swarming around a very particular point above the water. The light reflecting off of their tiny exoskeletons. Later research revealed the point as a weave knot.

Three huge dritydor make residence here, they must be the well guardians from legend. The beast giving a low croak, leads the three into a score of croaks that echo throughout the open cavern. As their croaks began to resonate throughout, the water began to turn. Water began flowing up the stone walls and across the ceiling, toward that very particular point above the water. The flow crawled across the ceiling toward that point and began flowing downward, where the streak of water turned and began orbiting the knot. The globe of water kept growing and growing as the well guardians continued to croak.

Days later and the flow of the ravine has return to Saeleyr.