Kraus Lavosier, Male Elf Edit

Level X Alchemist Max HP ?
Armour Class ? Speed ?
STR ? ? DEX ? ?
CON ? ? INT ? ?
WIS ? ? CHA ? ?

Appearance Edit

I've white medium length well kept hair and sharp green eyes. I typically wear modest clothing and prefer wearing green colours.

Gear Edit

During the typical work day I wield only a dagger, in the off chance that I might need it. My over coat features a gentle green material with dark stitching.

Story Edit

My store in Wellington is a square shopfront with extended living quaters at the back. Made primarily of wood, I've adorned the front of my store with many ferns, flowers, vines and other flora that I maintain with a little help from my concoctions. My friend Minyelle came to me for help in regards to her problem with the shifting man. I told her and the crew she employed of an oil that could be made from a mushroom that should stop such a creatures planar jaunt ability.

Traits Edit

  • Languages: Common, Elven