Kriv, Male Dragonborn - Bronze Edit

  • Resist Lightning Damage
Level 3 Monk Max HP 27
Armour Class 14 Speed 30
STR 13 +1 DEX 15 +2
CON 14 +2 INT 13 +1
WIS 14 +2 CHA 11 0

Appearance Edit

6' 2" , 175lb

Aged brownish gold scales, spots and streaks of lighter greenish streaks cover my body. Three fingers and a thumb on each hand.

We see a tall male figure in dark cloak. The head features a blunt snout, strong brow, and reptilian frills around the jawline and ears. On the back of the head is a crest of hornlike scales which form what resembles a mess of ropy hair. Scales of soft golden brown with the occasional touch of deep green meet in greatest concentration around forearms, lower legs, shoulders and thighs, with a very fine leathery covering the rest the body.

Gear Edit

I wield a short sword, though I usually prefer to fight with my martial abilities.

Story Edit

Professional bounty hunter working for an association that slowly began falling to corruption. I returned from what would have been my final assassination to find my wife Nala (Red) and three children killed. Each were killed by precise dagger incisions to the heart, recognizable as the calling card of my co worker Wik. About 5 years later I bumped into the Brightwood brothers and began helping them.

Traits Edit

  • I'm an avenger, slow to trust other races.
  • I believe in the greater good, and that everyone is individually responsible.
  • I watch over my friends as a litter of pups.

Near Deaths Edit

Episode Detail
1 Fell after taking two rough peck attacks from a pair of Axebeak
3 Two successful bites from a Thri-kreen was enough to bring the Dragonborn to 0 HP
3 After being revived by Cadence, fell due to the next bite attack from the same Thri-Kreen