Minyelle, Female Elf Edit

Level X Wizard Max HP ?
Armour Class ? Speed ?
STR ? ? DEX ? ?
CON ? ? INT ? ?
WIS ? ? CHA ? ?

Appearance Edit

I've long copper hair that I sometimes wear in a simple braid. I have hazel eyes and prominent ears, even for an elf. I always wear my golden spherical earrings.

Gear Edit

My gown features brown and gold colours that has triangular patterns around the seams.

Story Edit

I've always been interested in researching magic, I enjoy finding optimal alternatives to the complex processes involved in all things arcane. In experimenting with a summon familiar, I accidentally spawned a horrible black humanoid with many properties of a phase spider. I've also done experiments with special golden needles that I know Kriv and co found out about.

Traits Edit

  • Languages: Common, Elven, some Draconic