Silence, Gender Tiefling Edit

Level 1 Bard Max HP x
Armour Class x Speed x
STR x x DEX x x
CON x x INT x x
WIS x x CHA x x

Appearance Edit

Short Tiefling, under 5ft, approximately 100lbs. Dark blue skin, almost indigo in certain lights. Wine red, wavy hair with a bit of curl framed by obsidian-black, textured horns curving up and back with points slightly following the curve of her scalp. Eyes are solid silver with a hint of gold tone framed by black lashes and slightly pronounced eyebrow ridges with black eyebrows. A muscular, yet proportionally slim, tail approximately 4 feet long. The tails is somewhat expressive of her moods and tapers to a slight tip.

Gear Edit

Simple black leather armor, brown straps, over maroon silk tunic. Dark gray wool pants with a fine weave and a similar black leather skirt, about mid-thigh length with a cut slit up one side.  Dark leather belt with maroon stitching and etching holds a simple mercenary shortsword and a curved dagger. Dart sheaths strapped to each thigh holding 5-6 darts. Each upper arm has similar sheaths with 2-3 darts each. A small brown leather pack often hangs from her back while on the road. A small gold chain occasionally peaks out from her clothing around her neck. Hanging and usually hidden under her tunic is a gold ring.

Story Edit

Traits Edit

  • Flattery is my preferred trick for getting what I want
  • Avenge those who cannot avenge themselves against those who prey on the weak
  • I hate to admit it and will hate myself for it, but I'll run and preserve my own hide if the going gets rough.