Thom, Male Human Edit

Level 0 teenager, -2 to all modifiers

Level 0 Sorcerer Max HP 6
Armour Class 10 Speed 25
STR 10 -2 DEX 14 0
CON 14 0 INT 12 -1
WIS 12 -1 CHA 15 0

Appearance Edit

I have dark brown short shaggy hair and green eyes. I'm generally shy or come across as lacking confidence.

Gear Edit

I carry a dagger belonging to my father, though I lack the training to use it properly in battle.

Story Edit

I want to know more about the one who cursed my family, as well as understanding how to use my own power. I'm grateful to my father for protecting me and taking so much effort to get me to the capitol.

Traits Edit

  • Languages: Common

Repertoire Edit

Actions Edit

  • Dagger:
Martial Melee Weapon : +2 to hit, 1d4 Pierce Damage