Thorne, Male Orc Edit

Level ? Paladin Max HP ?
Armour Class ? Speed ?
STR ? ? DEX ? ?
CON ? ? INT ? ?
WIS ? ? CHA ? ?

Appearance Edit

Grey tinted skin upon my huge muscular body, definitely more orc blood than human (if I have any human blood at all). The sides of my head is shaven and on top I have short length black hair.

Gear Edit

Great steel shield with golden trim features an inlaid silver rose whose thorns stretch outward. I own heavy armor to match though day to day I wear my lighter chain mail. The rose symbol is identifiable as a branch under the patronage of Rubiliene, goddess of life and agriculture.

Story Edit

Traits Edit

  • Languages: Common, Orcish

Repertoire Edit

Actions Edit

  • Longsword:
Martial Melee Weapon: +? to hit, 1d8 + ? Pierce Damage