Description Edit

The Weave really is the most peculiar thing. Originating from the core of Light where the void gestated in its energies before Lights successors separated upon gaining their physical forms, allowing the Weave to escape. This ethereal ribbon sprawled outward before getting caught on the furthest of Hjarta's three moons. As the moons orbited the planet, the weave spun with them like a spinning wheel wrapping up Hjarta in the powerful thread. Magic users manipulate the thread in different ways to perform the arcane. Wizards bind components with it, Clerics are gifted strands by the gods, Bards harmonize its resonant frequencies, Druids breathe with it in parallel, Sorcerers manipulate it using the power in their blood, Warlocks are given strands of it in exchange for patronage.

Knots Edit

A natural phenomenon resulting from tangles in the Weave. Magic flows strongly around these knots and strange things often happen as a consequence. They vary in power, size, location, some wander the land where as others remain tied for millennia. Civilizations tend to stay away from the volatile energy as much as they can, though knots appear somewhat randomly and one may never be able to predict when and where one might appear.

Some scholars have performed experiments in trying to untangle a knot, where as others have tried to gather threads from them to use in magic.

Threads Edit

Single stands of pure magic pulled from the Weave. Threads have only been theorized and no publications have proven it possible.