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Wellington began as a convenient camping ground located along the cross roads leading into Faelund. A prosperous middle aged half-ling by the name of Wellby Goodbarrel established a little tavern that became incredibly popular among the travelling merchants. The Goodbarrel eventually drew permanent residences and shop keepers to the trading hot spot, growing enough to become the small town of Wellington, named after Wellby himself. These days his grandson Wellby Goodbarrel III runs the tavern along with much of the town.

Wellby and his ally Thorne direct the guild of 'The Well-Travelled'

The town is inhabited by a vast mix of all humanoid races.

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Size Medium
Type Town
Location Invukava
Region East
Population ~1,500 citizens

~200 guards

Upgradeables Edit

  • Abbey
    • Cloister (Meditation)
    • Transept (Prayer)
    • Penance Hall (Flagellation)
  • Alchemist - Kraus Lavosier
    • Brewing Lab
    • Component Stocks
  • Blacksmith - Gofannon 'Gof' Volunclan
    • Weapon Smithing
    • Armor Smithing
    • Forge
  • Guild
    • Instructors
    • Training Facilities
  • Horse Stables - Leo Ferrum
  • Library - Jean Mielot
  • Monument of Fallen Heroes
  • Sanitarium
    • Treatment Availability
    • Infirmary Capacity
  • Tavern - The Goodbarrel
    • Bar
    • Gambling
    • Brothel
  • Wagons
    • Merchant Capacity
    • Merchant Network
    • Stage Coach Network

Important Locations Edit

Landmarks Edit

  • Traders Crossroads
  • Gambling Hall
  • Garrison
  • Scribe Quarters and Small Library
  • Graveyard

Residences Edit

  • Farmers Lot
  • Mayors Acreage

Religious Edit

  • Chapel to Valendar
  • Temple to Sisters, Bellamy and Rubiliene

Taverns Edit

  • The Goodbarrel

Guilds Edit

  • The Goodbarrel

Warehouses Edit

  • Mayors fruit stores

Shops Edit

  • Blacksmith
  • Traveling Supplies
  • Minor Spell Components
  • Horse Stables

Important Citizens Edit